A Simple Guide to Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing is a method of marketing that is solely focused on a targeted audience within a specific local area. You might be running a local carpet cleaning business and you want it to get noticed in your local place. You may use this tactic because it is focused on a small number of consumers who want to buy from your business.

Hyperlocal marketing is done with the goal of accomplishing one thing, which is to raise foot traffic to a store’s physical location so that people searching for a product or service “near me” can get you.  When you want to carry out hyperlocal marketing, there are different strategies you can use.

Optimize Google My Business Listing

If your business is not set up on Google My Business, then the first and most important step is to have it set up. Google my business is an important tool that can be used to optimize your “near me” listings. It can be critical if you optimize the pages to show up on search results for ‘near me’ queries. You need to add relevant keywords in your business descriptions to increase your chances of being found. Additionally, ensure you post high-quality photos to make your listings look professional.

Ensure you are accessible

On your website, ensure your contact information is easy to find and clearly labeled on your website. Doing so will tell your customers your business is accessible and ready to deliver. If you have business pages on social media, be sure to link back to your website, provide your store location and clear contact information. If your business is on any popular landmarks or attractions, you can note the same in your descriptions.

Optimize for local search

It is time to review your website. You must review when was the last time your business was optimized for SEO. Your business should be optimized to the same standards your Google My Business page is. Your site must be easy to navigate so that first-time visitors find it easy to navigate. Additionally, your URL structure needs to be informative. Google will see your URLs first and ask questions later. This means the information in your URLs should be relevant for search queries. 

Create hyperlocal content

In the same spirit of making your site hyperlocal, you need to take a deeper step and make fully hyperlocal content. Small businesses whose teams turn to local marketing plans normally have the advantage of leveraging the content idea that is fully centered on locality. Local content will increase your rankings on local. To come up with local content, you must think about your current strategy on what you are doing now and how you can optimize things.

Local businesses can make content that revolves around local events. If there is any activity or event happening in your locality, ensure you write about it on your blog posts and always post regularly. Always keep your blogs filled with fresh content and have a content strategy in place.