How to Use Psychometrics on Marketing

psychometricsPsychometrics is basically the science of measuring mental capabilities and processes. Psychometric marketing is based on personality science. Personality is basically individual differences in characteristics and patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving.¬† Let’s say you have a business, e.g. Pressure washing, and you want to use the best form of marketing to get the most value out of your efforts. Psychometrics offers a channel for valuable insights as far as marketing is concerned.

Personality Science

Scientists believe that humans have a mix of traits that play a leading role in determining the way they interpret the world and how they subsequently behave. For marketers who are looking forward to promote their products have a huge potential for success if they use personality science to have a better match on the way they interact with products based on one’s preferences due to their personalities.

There are five big personality traits and these include, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The assessment of psychological traits commonly known as psychometrics mostly makes use of questionnaires to ask respondents on the extent to which they agree to certain statements.

Recently, there has been new established field of computational ¬†and social science that uses digital psychometrics instead of relying on responses people give in self-purported questionnaires. Science now makes use of people’s digital footprints such as Facebook Likes, Tweets, and browsing patterns among others to make inferences about people’s personalities.

How Psychometric Profiling Works

Studies have shown that people have a higher compliance when they receive messages that are customized to their tastes and preferences. Such messages can be very important in a number of bad behaviors such as smoking, exercising, dieting among others. The scientific evidence of the working of personality marketing is clear. One can have an increase on the effectiveness of marketing messages and other forms of persuasive communication¬† by tailoring messages based on people’s’ psychological profiles.

Studies are now in advanced stages in finding correlation between specific personality profiles and other tastes, behaviors and preferences. These studies aim at evaluating if the application of digital psychometrics can be quite effective in marketing. Channels such as Facebook does not directly offer personality targeting. However, it allows marketers to collect data on customers and advertise indirectly via the option of targeting people based on their interests.

Ethics in Personality Marketing

The essentials principles defining the gathering and use of personality traits needs to follow a certain guidelines as well as other behavioral science research in terms of employees, consumers and patients. These include aspects such as transparency of intent and usage. There is need for marketers to abide by all privacy laws and regulations and align their research and market interests with those provident by the respondents.

There is also an important principle that marketers need to observe, and that is the use of personality research to help customers be better, or declare if the research is indeed helping the marketers. In everything that marketers do, they should aim for transparency and be guided by privacy policies that dictate how data can be collected and used.