Best Biking Events and Racing in the World

Milan-San Remo (Italy)Whether you have raced before or not does not matter. You have probably heard of Le Tour de France, one of the biggest cycling competitions in the world. In this race, cyclists are expected to cover 2, 000 miles throughout France. The cyclists pass the rolling vineyards, the picturesque villages, the alpine passes while being surrounded by corporate sponsors and international journalists. There are tow trucks to help you carry your bicycle in case it has a problem if you plan to go to France to watch this race and ride a bicycle yourself.

Le Tour de France began in 1903 and ever since its inception it has maintained its huge size and fanciness. But this is not the only biking event. Below are some of the other biking events and racing that happen all over the world. tow truck

Milan-San Remo (Italy)

This biking event happens in March every year in Milan, Italy. It first started in the year 1907. Cyclists participating in this competition are expected to cover 185 miles. It is a one-day race which is why this race is considered to be great. It is a test of endurance with the winner not necessary being the fastest but the one who makes the least number of mistakes during the race. This race which is always won by a sprinter is characterized by gorgeous coastal views, unpredictable weather and strong winds.

Amgen Tour of California (USA)

Amgen Tour of California (USA)Although started just the other day, The Amgen Tour of California has been able to attract almost half of the elite teams such as USCI ProTeams. It has proven to be the most important bike e race in America. Throughout this ace, cyclists and fans are treated to a visual feast with the race covering the coastal redwoods, the Sierra foothills and rolling vineyards among others.

One of the amazing things about this race is that there is a free online live streaming of each and every stage.

Vuelta a España (Spain)

This race takes place between Ay=august and September of every year in Spain. Compared to the grand tours, this is the youngest as it was started in 1935, compared to the grand tours like France which started about 2 years before this race. It also cover a very big distance of between 2,000 and 2200 miles.

Tour de France

We cannot talk about the best biking events and fail to mention the Tour of France! This is it. This is the mother of all cycling races. It is so big such that any other race held before it is considered a warm up and any race coming after the Tour de Franc is like a recovery race. The cyclists who take part in this race are not just good cyclists, but they are the top riders in the world. Started in 1903, this race takes place every July and lasts for 21 days covering a total distance of between 2000 and 2200 miles. One characteristic of this race is the wild parties held along the routes and especially along the alpine passes.

Even if you might not be able to travel to France and attend the Tour de France, the above biking events will give you a choice that may be more appropriate for you so you don’t have to travel to France to experience a great cycling competition.