How to Use Psychometrics on Marketing

psychometricsPsychometrics is basically the science of measuring mental capabilities and processes. Psychometric marketing is based on personality science. Personality is basically individual differences in characteristics and patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving.  Let’s say you have a business, e.g. Pressure washing, and you want to use the best form of marketing to get the most value out of your efforts. Psychometrics offers a channel for valuable insights as far as marketing is concerned.

Personality Science

Scientists believe that humans have a mix of traits that play a leading role in determining the way they interpret the world and how they subsequently behave. For marketers who are looking forward to promote their products have a huge potential for success if they use personality science to have a better match on the way they interact with products based on one’s preferences due to their personalities.

There are five big personality traits and these include, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The assessment of psychological traits commonly known as psychometrics mostly makes use of questionnaires to ask respondents on the extent to which they agree to certain statements.

Recently, there has been new established field of computational  and social science that uses digital psychometrics instead of relying on responses people give in self-purported questionnaires. Science now makes use of people’s digital footprints such as Facebook Likes, Tweets, and browsing patterns among others to make inferences about people’s personalities.

How Psychometric Profiling Works

Studies have shown that people have a higher compliance when they receive messages that are customized to their tastes and preferences. Such messages can be very important in a number of bad behaviors such as smoking, exercising, dieting among others. The scientific evidence of the working of personality marketing is clear. One can have an increase on the effectiveness of marketing messages and other forms of persuasive communication  by tailoring messages based on people’s’ psychological profiles.

Studies are now in advanced stages in finding correlation between specific personality profiles and other tastes, behaviors and preferences. These studies aim at evaluating if the application of digital psychometrics can be quite effective in marketing. Channels such as Facebook does not directly offer personality targeting. However, it allows marketers to collect data on customers and advertise indirectly via the option of targeting people based on their interests.

Ethics in Personality Marketing

The essentials principles defining the gathering and use of personality traits needs to follow a certain guidelines as well as other behavioral science research in terms of employees, consumers and patients. These include aspects such as transparency of intent and usage. There is need for marketers to abide by all privacy laws and regulations and align their research and market interests with those provident by the respondents.

There is also an important principle that marketers need to observe, and that is the use of personality research to help customers be better, or declare if the research is indeed helping the marketers. In everything that marketers do, they should aim for transparency and be guided by privacy policies that dictate how data can be collected and used.

Best Biking Events and Racing in the World

Milan-San Remo (Italy)Whether you have raced before or not does not matter. You have probably heard of Le Tour de France, one of the biggest cycling competitions in the world. In this race, cyclists are expected to cover 2, 000 miles throughout France. The cyclists pass the rolling vineyards, the picturesque villages, the alpine passes while being surrounded by corporate sponsors and international journalists. There are tow trucks to help you carry your bicycle in case it has a problem if you plan to go to France to watch this race and ride a bicycle yourself.

Le Tour de France began in 1903 and ever since its inception it has maintained its huge size and fanciness. But this is not the only biking event. Below are some of the other biking events and racing that happen all over the world. tow truck

Milan-San Remo (Italy)

This biking event happens in March every year in Milan, Italy. It first started in the year 1907. Cyclists participating in this competition are expected to cover 185 miles. It is a one-day race which is why this race is considered to be great. It is a test of endurance with the winner not necessary being the fastest but the one who makes the least number of mistakes during the race. This race which is always won by a sprinter is characterized by gorgeous coastal views, unpredictable weather and strong winds.

Amgen Tour of California (USA)

Amgen Tour of California (USA)Although started just the other day, The Amgen Tour of California has been able to attract almost half of the elite teams such as USCI ProTeams. It has proven to be the most important bike e race in America. Throughout this ace, cyclists and fans are treated to a visual feast with the race covering the coastal redwoods, the Sierra foothills and rolling vineyards among others.

One of the amazing things about this race is that there is a free online live streaming of each and every stage.

Vuelta a España (Spain)

This race takes place between Ay=august and September of every year in Spain. Compared to the grand tours, this is the youngest as it was started in 1935, compared to the grand tours like France which started about 2 years before this race. It also cover a very big distance of between 2,000 and 2200 miles.

Tour de France

We cannot talk about the best biking events and fail to mention the Tour of France! This is it. This is the mother of all cycling races. It is so big such that any other race held before it is considered a warm up and any race coming after the Tour de Franc is like a recovery race. The cyclists who take part in this race are not just good cyclists, but they are the top riders in the world. Started in 1903, this race takes place every July and lasts for 21 days covering a total distance of between 2000 and 2200 miles. One characteristic of this race is the wild parties held along the routes and especially along the alpine passes.

Even if you might not be able to travel to France and attend the Tour de France, the above biking events will give you a choice that may be more appropriate for you so you don’t have to travel to France to experience a great cycling competition.




How Cycling Affect your Body

Minot cyclists display physical, social fitnessIn order to be healthy, you need regular physical exercise. Exercising regularly can help you prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, obesity, arthritis, diabetes and mental illness. One of the best ways in which you can exercise is by riding your bicycle. Riding bicycles as a form of regular exercise helps reduce your risk of having health problems linked with a sedentary lifestyle.

Cycling is a low-impact and healthy exercise that does not discriminate on the basis of age. Everyone can ride a bicycle. In addition, it is cheap, fun and environmentally friendly. Read on to find out hoe cycling affects your body.

Strong muscles and endurance

Missing out on any form of physical activity can reduce the strength of your muscles to up to 50%. This is according to the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation. Cycling activates the muscles of your body because as you peddle, your hamstrings, quadriceps, butt, calf and shin muscles are all put to use. While your arm muscles and shoulder support you at the handlebars, your back muscle and abdomen offers stability to your body. A faster peddling and climbing means stronger muscles and greater endurance.

Better sleep

sleepIf you are having trouble sleeping, try cycling early in the morning that allows you to catch a nap before heading out. You will enjoy the best sleep. Cycling helps reduce the amount of time you take to fall asleep at night. It is recommended that people suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia take at least 20 to 30 minutes a day cycling so that they reduce the amount of time it takes for them to fall asleep during bedtime. Cycling also increases sleep time by almost an hour.

Look younger

Cycling not only protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun, it also reduces the signs of ageing of your skin. This is according to scientists at Stanford University.

Furthermore, cycling is known to increase blood circulation in the body lading to a more efficient delivery of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, while getting rid of the harmful toxins at the same time. Exercise also optimizes collagen production in your body by creating an ideal environment within your body. Optimum production of collagen helps in speeding up the healing process and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Do not forget to wear your sunscreen as you head out, though.

Despite its many benefits, cycling also has its side effects and one of them is erectile dysfunction. This can happen to men who cycle a lot like the cyclists competing in various competitions. This is because arteries and veins going to the penis get compressed and the individual end up finding it hard to maintain erection during sexual intercourse, a condition known as erectile dysfunction.










Benefits of Riding a Bike

BikeRiding a bike is one of the exercise routines doctors recommend to all those trying to keep fit and stay healthy. Riding a bike causes fewer accidents and strains to the body compared to other forms of exercise such as running. It is also fun and does not have to be done just for the sake of exercise. You can ride a bike to work, to carry out errands or just to explore the neighborhood. You can ride a bike with friends, the entire family or just alone when you want to have some time to yourself. Riding is an excellent exercise activity for young children. Here are more benefits of riding a bike.

It is Good for the Heart

Riding is literally good for your heart. You will relax and unwind, which leaves you happier and at peace.  You will have more energy, sleep better and handle issues with a clearer mind. Riding also takes care of your heart such that you will have less cholesterol and less likely to develop hypertension and heart attacks. Riding a bike improves blood flow to the vital organs and strengthens heart muscles.

Good for Weight Loss

Riding is a less intensive exercise that will help you lose weight steadily. If you have been dieting to lose weight, adding an exercise routine such as riding a bike will yield faster results. In fact, women are advised to exercise in order to lose visceral fat, which cannot be lost through dieting.

Prevent Cancer

Riding promotes better health and optimum body weight. These are key factors in preventing cancer such as the breast, rectal, colon and lung cancer. Generally, including more green vegetables, lean meats and whole grains to your diet in addition to the exercise routine will lower the risk of developing any form of cancer.

More Self Esteem

CyclingExercising promotes the release of the feel-good hormone. You will be happier, more confident and as you achieve the desired body weight, be satisfied with the achievements. You will not shy off from wearing what you want or checking out social spots. You will also look younger and more attractive. You will have the confidence to make the changes you want in life.

Cycling and Injuries

Because it is a low impact exercise, you can still go ahead and try it even when suffering from knee and back pain. Actually, exercise can help with the pain. Those suffering from osteoarthritis can also benefit from cycling. It increases bone strength and coordination. For the elderly, riding a few minutes every day can improve their memory and keep Alzheimer away. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress can also be dealt with through riding a bike.

Cyclists live longer.

They are healthier, happier and are less prone to develop some conditions such as the ones highlighted here. Also, you do not have to create time for the exercise because you can incorporate it into your daily routine. Rather than drive short distances, you can ride the bike, which is a better way to familiarize with the surroundings and keep fit.